2 IN 1 Wig


    Not all the hd lace can be called Crystal lace!!!

    we have been making our best efforts to make the totally beginner-friendly skin melt wig, Which is Named Crystal Lace Wig.

    1.Crystal Lace — The High-end Lace Material, More Durable, Lay Flat , See-Through and Be more Undetectable. Totally Match all Skin Tones.

    2. Grown Hairline—Less Obvious Knots, Pre-sewn Transitional Hairline, just looks like growing from your scalp, Mimics Your Real Scalp Well.

    3. .2in1 Texture—Less is More. One Wig Price, Two Wig Style.

    4.2 IN 1 Wig,Same Wig Different Looks.

    How To Use ??
    *NEW 2 IN 1 Wig* WET&WAVY WIG is Revertible between curly and straight! it will be in straight look when you first received it, Spray some water when you want to transfer it to a curly look. the curls will hold forever until you flat iron the hair again! and it will not become lose no matter how many times you transfer it.

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    1 product

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